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Novità per il comfort residenziale

Novità per il comfort residenziale 1
Novità per il comfort residenziale 2

Baltur launches Smile CMA K, new condensing boiler for heating with highly efficient micro storage tank, that allows to have hot water immediately. 

Thanks to the micro storage tank technology, the boiler Smile CMA K can supply the hot water in the same moment its demanded.

All this is possible thanks to the presence of the instant heat exchanger for domestic hot water production with micro storage tank with constant temperature. However, this is not the only one advantage of Smile CMA K.

The micro storage tank system, in fact, improves domestic comfort, offers remarkable savings of water and fuel, with lower environment impact and lower management costs.

Condensing boilers equipped with this technology have dimensions not bigger than traditional ones, but offer major advantages like:

  • instant hot water: micro storage tank technology is always at the constant temperature
  • stability of the temperature also in the simultaneous usage: for example, if you open the water faucet meanwhile the shower is in use
  • saving of the gas and water: the hot water is available in few second optimising the consumption of the boiler and the water you use.
Novità per il comfort residenziale
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