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The New Condensing boiler

The New Condensing boiler 1

Do you know how much can you save if you change your traditional boiler to the new condensing one?

The annual thermal profit is higher, and the estimating saving are circa between 15% and 20% - “it depends on the boiler models and the conditions of usage”- say Alberto Montanini, President of Assotermica. However, it’s not overt here!

Condensing boilers pollute less: in relation to traditional boilers it produces less CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, with an annual cut estimated over than 800 kg of carbon dioxide.
This translates into saving on the bill about 400 euro, variable amount depending on area, climate, square footage and habits of who live there (source Assotermica)

To this saving is added deduction of 65% that is provided by Ecobonus for class A boilers equipment with advanced thermoregulation, and 50% for Class A boilers only.

Other benefits are:

  • dismantlement of the existing installation and related professional services;
  • hydraulic e masonry works for the replacement of the existing heating system;
  • supply and installation of heating, electric e electronic systems;
  • adjustment od distribution chain, storage system, water treatments.

Doing some checks, it’s evident that the condensing boiler is an excellent investment which is fully amortised in few years. Compared to the initial cost, you can have immediate advantages in terms of comfort, healthiness of spaces and the environment, well-being e health, economic and financial savings.

Baltur, operative since 1950, has developed an instant condensing boiler which, to these benefits, adds also the advatages as versatility and design with very low NOx e CO emissions.
An efficient boiler, with compact size and with cline lines, that does not disturb style and interior design of the house or office, that can be regulated according to the needs with the possibility of remote control via the App.

It is Perfecta series; the form is designed by Giugiario Design and technology is designed by Baltur’s research and development departments. With the modulation 1:10, it is equipped with a primary stainless exchanger with brazed plates for DHW production.; S.A.E.C systems (Smart Adaptive Efficiency Control) which optimizes combustion and promotes efficiency in any condition; interior soundproofing and intuitive interface.

Click here to see Perfecta video

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