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New industrial burner TBG 2000

20 MW: the most powerful monobloc burner ever developed by Baltur. Compact and lightweight, fe...

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Tutorial for adjusting the burners' combustion

Baltur presents three on-line tutorials for the correct adjustment of the burners' combustion in te...

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Research and Development

We control combustion to make it clean, efficient, noiseless, flexible. We design and develop series...

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New R&D lab

We want to grow. We want to be leaders in new sectors. We want to run even faster! This is the reaso...

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Environmentally friendly
advanced technology

Our aim is to improve the efficiency of our products in order to reduce the environmental impact and lower harmful emissions. Energy must be preserved, for this reason Baltur has always been researching and developing the best technologies with regard to environmental sustainability.

Who we are
Who we are

Its experience, customer care and technological development,
make of Baltur a benchmark in its sector

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MW burner test maximum power
The research and development of new technologies is of key importance in order to provide a reliable and quality product. As a result of the challenges of markets that have more demanding and eco-friendly requests, Baltur has improved and developed the best cutting-edge technology to use on its products.
At Baltur attention to quality is not limited to finished products, but it also involves all company departments: quality design, selection of quality raw materials and suppliers, quality staff training and sales and after-sales services. We work every day to improve our products and the services we offer.
Made in Italy
Made in Italy has always meant passion, technique, design and quality. Baltur has been able to apply the originality of the Italian style to its residential and industrial solutions. Our products are developed, designed and manufactured in Italy always combining design and quality, reliability and high performance.
February 13 2017

Baltur out in front with Cyber-Physical Systems

Baltur opens the way for Cyber-Physical Systems, or how to design innovative heating plants with an advanced combustion control system.

March 03 2016

New industrial burner TBG 2000

The most powerful of Baltur range

March 02 2016

New Burner TBG 360 ME

The most versatile of its category

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