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Baltur broadens the industrial range

Baltur broadens the industrial range 1

New IB burners, more efficient and with very low NOx emissions

Baltur is glad to present the new IB 850G ME FGR dual-block industrial burner, more efficient and with very low NOx emissions.
Another step towards greater environmental sustainability.

The new series of IB FGR industrial burners includes 8 configurable models, covering a power output from 3.5 MW to 24 MW, with electronic control and possibility of managing hot air (HA) supply up to 250°C.
This series offers significant features and benefits for various industrial applications:

  • New combustion control, integrating FGR [Flue Gas Recirculation] system management
  • NOx lower than 30 mg/kWh
  • High modulation ratio: 1:10
  • Low internal head pressure losses
  • Easy maintenance and energy saving

High modulation ratio. Lower consumption.

The series features a wide modulation ratio, that allows reducing burner ignitions and increasing overall operational efficiency, thus significantly reducing total emissions.

In addition, IB burners are designed to ensure the maximum optimisation of combustion process by adjusting the air flow in a very flexible way and are suitable for a wide range of applications.
The combustion heads, in fact, minimise head pressure losses, reducing fan power and therefore investment and operating costs.

Low NOx technology

The combustion heads of the IB series feature a special geometry, certified in class III according to EN676, ensuring low NOx emissions (NOx<80 mg/Nm3).

The head is designed to achieve progressive combustion along the flame lenght.
This allows minimising the formation of NOx resulting from a high flame temperature and, at the same time, ensures a very uniform temperature profile along the flame extension.

This result is achieved through a unique design of the burner head, that provides better premixing and a controlled diffusion of the gas inside the combustion chamber.

The new series, designed for applications in combination with the FGR system, can ensure NOx lower than 30 mg/Nm3, depending on the application.

The electronic version is equipped with electronic control that allows a precise regulation of the air-gas mix when the heat load changes, optimising also energy consumption.

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