Quality for Baltur

Quality for Baltur 1

First corporate commitment: ensure quality and compliance, while respecting the environment and people.

Baltur - whose mission is to design and manufacture ‘intelligent’ solutions for heating, air conditioning, home and industrial applications - has always believed in Quality Management Systems to ensure the achievement of corporate goals:

  • increase performance, reduce waste;
  • optimise interactions between processes and internal regulations;
  • perfect products and services to respond in an increasingly accurate manner to customer needs, the top driver of corporate policies.

Baltur was one of the first companies in its sector to obtain UNI ISO 9001 certification in 1994, when the manufacturing industry still mistrusted the accession to a standard, even if internationally recognised.

Today it renews its commitment, maintaining the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification applied to the following areas:

  • design, manufacture, servicing of burners, increasingly high performing, customised and responsive to different usage needs;

Strongly believing that continuous improvement of processes, products and services necessarily involves respect for the environment, Baltur has focused its efforts for building an integrated management system for Quality, Environment, Health and Safety of Workers.

In support of the Quality System, it has initiated major structural investments, internal reorganisations to streamline the structure, simplify processes, share and grow skills.

Continuous improvement is ensured by an annual control and verification process (“Management Review”) aimed at initiating the most useful improvement actions, involving corporate organisation at all levels. The key points of Baltur Quality Policy are:

Compliance. Management of activities in compliance with the principles governed by binding and voluntary standards and regulations, nurturing the ability and rapidity to react and adapt to changes, to maintain its competitive advantage and that of Made in Italy.

Innovation. Through research and development to offer increasingly high-performing, reliable products with lower environmental impact, pursuing the improvement of processes, technologies and working methods that, in addition to improving the products, also enhance the working quality for those who work and produce at Baltur every day.

Customer satisfaction. The main goal of Baltur is maximum Customer satisfaction, pursued with products and services in line with expectations, explicit and implicit needs, and the development of loyal relationships.

Resources. Baltur ensures its workforce the skills required for their roles, enhances professionalism with targeted training paths, involves and consults employees and their representatives to achieve health, safety, environmental respect and quality goals.

Management of emergencies of any size and kind, using the most appropriate resources in a prompt and effective manner, to safeguard corporate business, health and safety of workers, protection of the environment and Customer satisfaction.

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