THETA. Control unit for cascade generator thermoregulation and control

Series THETA

Control unit for cascade generator thermoregulation and control

  • Efficient control of the system operation
Series THETA

THETA is the most advanced solution for management of comfort and energy consumption, using complex cascade generator systems even with integration of renewable energy (solar thermal).
The hardware platform is designed to permit the expansion of the control system, creating a network (max 5 control units) that allows managing a maximum of 40 boilers and the control of max 15 zones (10 mixed and 5 direct), even with Remote Management system (optional) via web.

System for control and management of cascade generator power (max 8 Smile MK with one control unit), which allows keeping the efficiency of each of them in line with the optimum value (Optimisation of consumption!).

  • Possibility of full remote management of the control unit, using RS remote control (optional) or via WEB, using the Kit with high speed data transfer ADSL interface.
  • Possibility of system interface with centralised control, using Clima Control Kit, so that the generators can be managed through 0-10V signal according to the temperature or power.
  • Possibility of editing all the parameters at all levels, for an accurate customisation of generators/system management to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort.
  • Generator control based on the difference of temperature between the set value and the value detected in the system (flow balancer/plate heat exchanger) by the probe.
  • DHW heater load management, of Standard or double heat exchanger Solar (dedicated outputs and inputs) type.
  • Complete management of renewable energy integration (Solar Thermal) in DHW production. (dedicated outputs and inputs).
  • Complete management of max three system zones, max 2 of which mixed, always available, with possibility of environment control for each of them, through RS control (optional) or simple C55 chronothermostat (optional).


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