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SME business within the Greater London area?

SME business within the Greater London area? 1

Did you know you can upgrade your old boiler plant with new high efficiency boilers and you can apply for 30% of the capital costs under the Cleaner Heat Cashback scheme.

We were told that the scheme is the first commercial boiler scrappage scheme of its kind in the world and that its objective is to reduce carbon and harmful emissions.

Under the £10m Cleaner Heat Cashback scheme, SMEs in London could be eligible for a grant of 30%, towards the cost of installing a new high efficiency, low NOx gas or LPG boiler. (Businesses located in London’s Air Quality Focus Areas will be able to claim an additional 5 per cent cashback) The scheme, administered by the Energy Savings Trust, started on 30 July 2018 and will run until 31 March 2020, or until the fund is depleted.



  • Properties must be businesses in London
  • Applicants must be Small or Medium sized Enterprises (SME)
  • Applicants must be one of the following (in relation to tenure)

Building owner

  • Tenant with responsibility for building maintenance
  • Tenant with permission from the landlord


Boilers being replaced must be either:

  • An existing gas, oil or LPG boiler which is a minimum of 10 years old
  • An existing coal or biomass boiler of any age
  • A minimum of 70kW

Replacement heating systems must be:

  • At least 90% efficient gas or LPG boilers or a connection to a heat network, a renewable heating technology (heat pump or solar thermal)
  • In line with the London Plan and have NOX emissions of 40mg/KWh or less.
  • Installations must be undertaken by an approved installer


  1. Prospective applicant will need to get at least two quotations of the work
  2. Applicant will go on line and make an application.
  3. If successful applicant will receive a cashback voucher valid for 6 months but cannot redeem the voucher until the installation is complete and invoiced.
  4. Install the new high efficiency boiler or renewable heating system
  5. Send voucher, invoice, and other information as determined by the scheme and the money will go straight into the applicant’s bank account.
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