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Novità per il comfort residenziale

Baltur launches Smile CMA K, new condensing boiler for heating with highly efficient micro storag...

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The New Condensing boiler

Do you know how much can you save if you change your traditional boiler to the new condensing one? ...

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Baltur's FGR: solution to reduce NOx emissions

Flue Gas Recirculation During high temperature combustion, oxygen (O2) and nitrogen (N2) prese...

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Estensione di Garanzia Caldaie

We are so confident in the quality of our boilers, that We are giving you the possibility of prolon...

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Environmentally friendly
advanced technology

Our aim is to improve the efficiency of our products to reduce the environmental impact and lower harmful emissions. Energy must be preserved and for this reason Baltur is always researching and developing the best technologies with regards to environmental sustainability. Our experience, customer service and technological development, make Baltur a global leader in heating solutions. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

Who we are
Who we are

It’s experience, customer care and technological development
that makes Baltur a leader in its sector

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The research and development of new technologies is of key importance in order to provide a reliable and quality product. As a result of the challenges of markets that have more demanding and eco-friendly requests, Baltur has improved and developed the best cutting-edge technology to use on its products.
At Baltur attention to quality is not limited to finished products, but it also involves all company departments: quality design, selection of quality raw materials and suppliers, quality staff training and sales and after-sales services. We work every day to improve our products and the services we offer.
Made in Italy
Made in Italy has always meant passion, technique, design and quality. Baltur has been able to apply the originality of the Italian style to its residential and industrial solutions. Our products are developed, designed and manufactured in Italy always combining design and quality, reliability and high performance.
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