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Industrial burners: high output, low emissions

Industrial burners: high output, low emissions 1

Baltur wins the challenge among high output, stability and low emissions, wide modulation and reduced energy and fuel consumption.

In addition to the new industrial burners, Baltur is ready for a change of pace, with a renewed commitment to being a world market leader.

We talk about this with Mr. Nicola Pavan, Baltur Product Manager for the burner range.

N.P. “We are working to create a new generation of ultra-high performance machines, like none on the market today.
The new burners, that we will launch in the next months, feature a significant reduction in emissions, in line with the stricter global standards, maximum operating efficiency and great energy savings in the various applications, thanks to a very wide modulation and a considerable reduction in the output required by the ventilating part.

At the same time, we are addressing the issue of information digitisation and enhancing the user experience with our industrial machines, to make all information needed for machine management easily accessible and provide optimum support to our customers.”

In which way are Baltur new burners unmatched in the current market?

N.P. “Technologies that ensure significant energy savings already exist, but they are not able to ensure specific and strict compliance with emission regulations, so this market need has not yet been met, and this is what Baltur is working on.
When dealing with emissions, the main issue is to maintain operational stability: having very low emissions generally results in very careful management of combustion, with limited possibility of changing the parameters controlling it. This makes the process more unstable with consequent limitations in thermal unit modulation.

The new Baltur burners are able to ensure performance in terms of NOx emissions below 50 milligrams/kilowatt-hours and have also high performance in terms of modulation. In fact, we have been able to achieve a very wide operating range, which allows the generator and the boiler to meet the thermal load variation in a very wide range.
This translates into huge energy and fuel savings, but above all into huge cost savings for the end user.

Within these machines, we have developed technologies that allow quick fine-tuning, with a new adjustment concept, and developed a dedicated line of motors in collaboration with an Italian company, which integrate a set of features and controls that ensure further energy savings.

The availability of industrial burners able to modulate the heat output over a high range, and a ventilation unit also able to modulate and reduce the absolute output, is a major benefit especially for large installations and industrial processes that require hot water or steam round the clock.

In fact, the new Baltur burners allow continuous heat generation with electricity savings of more than 30%, evident cost savings and, as I said, extremely low NOx emissions. Very important factors, especially for plants located in areas where there is great legislative attention to limitation of emissions.”

How have you been able to reconcile these two aspects: low emissions and operational stability?

N.P. “With innovative solutions in burner head design.

Thanks to the optimisation of fuel and combustion air flows, the design of the nozzles and some elements in the feed channel, we have been able to create a configuration that allows an almost independent management of the different flame zones, with semi-independent adjustments and various degrees of freedom of one with respect to the other.

This allows us to ensure flame stability even at low firing rates and, on the other hand, correct combustion by minimising emissions without impacting on the combustion chamber, but working only on the burner.

An innovative technology protected by international patent.”

The innovation on which Baltur is working does not only concern the product world.

N.P. “Baltur is now at a change of pace: there is a strong focus on research and development of new burners, a renewed commitment to foreign markets and a new way of approaching the market, with a different vision.

Today, Baltur focuses on the industrial burner, which has always been its core business, with new expertise, new skills and new perspectives, in order to achieve a leadership role at a global level.

There is a very strong change on the products within the company, but not only: also our organisational culture is evolving towards new models, with a huge internal involvement at all levels.

For example, we have created several cross-functional working groups to implement internal development and improvement plans in various company areas - products, logistics, planning, after-sales - involving people from different departments with the aim of renovating all internal processes and increasing their efficiency.

Baltur is actually reorganising all its processes to become increasingly streamlined and competitive, and several internal projects are in progress, resulting from the work of these groups, which promise interesting developments in the short- and medium-term.”

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