A new generation of Burners

A new generation of Burners 1

Baltur has been producing burners since 1950, playing an active role in the technology evolution concerning these specific products, often being at the forefront of change.

«We work on new combustion technologies, new materials, remote operational parameter monitoring and transmission and many other innovative elements».
Paolo Bolognin, R&D Director - Baltur

The world’s largest burner test pipe

Baltur’s quest for innovation starts and gains momentum in its R&D laboratories, where new and sizeable resources are invested every year.
Here, Baltur has installed the world's largest certified burner test pipe (EN 267 – 676), which enables continuous testing and experimenting with burners having power up to 30 MW.

This important asset allows to test and develop innovative laboratory solutions, in order to change the geometry of the combustion chamber, adjust and control the temperature of the furnace walls, change test counter-pressures, run measurements and analyses of countless functional parameters, also inside the combustion chamber.

Selection of eco-compatible solutions

Some key elements in the burner design process are the eco-compatibility of materials and components and their life cycle. All aspects involved in the material manufacturing, processing and use are held into account, putting priority on material recycling/reusing instead of disposal.
New product development includes the possible use with renewable source fuel.

Baltur gas and liquid fuel burners, in fact, can use in a reliable and energy efficient way use bio gas and bio liquids either FAME based or waste derived bio-diesel.

And our care for environmental impact goes beyond the choice of components, material or fuel. Indeed, we take great care for production processes as well as the management of the entire Company.

«We take great care in selecting either recycled or easily recyclable materials in our products, in the relevant packaging and also in their documents», explains the R&D Director of Baltur, Paolo Bolognin.

Baltur burners and reduced consumption

Baltur burners operate at a very high 10:1 modulation ratio on gas burners.
Therefore the product enables us to meet the operational requirements of a variety of applications without any interruptions and consequently without any energy losses due to stand-by time or repeated pre-washing in the combustion chamber.

Moreover, the quality and technology put into the manufacturing of high performance ventilation systems allows to reduce sound emissions and save electrical power.
Savings can be further enhanced with variable revolution motors enabled by the inverter technology.

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