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Baltur Super Low NOX burners

Baltur Super Low NOX burners 1
Baltur Super Low NOX burners 2

New Baltur industrial burners with NOx emissions <50 mg/kWh

Baltur has designed and developed a new generation of industrial burners with very low NOx and CO2 emissions.

The new TBG SLX range is characterised by exceptional flame stability, under all conditions, guaranteed high performance over the entire operating range, and very low thermal NOx, thanks to flue gas recirculation at the head.

The patented technology of the new TBG SLX is based on a new combustion head concept, designed for maximum stability, high performance and ease of use, thanks to the configuration of the burner itself:

  • New exclusive head design with dual distribution system, the result of an optimised gas and air flow distribution process that reduces NOx emissions, ensuring maximum stability over the entire working range of the machine.
  • Independent management and regulation of gas flows with two different supply systems, serving the central flame area and the peripheral flame area respectively, ensuring maximum stability of the flame front under all load conditions.
  • The new geometry of the combustion head encourages flue gas recirculation inside the combustion chamber, in the flame root area, strongly reducing the average temperature, inhibiting the mechanisms of “thermal NOx” formation.
  • Programmable electronic cam, more advanced than traditional modulation systems.
  • Hinged opening facilitates maintenance and inspection of the combustion head.

The TBG SLX is also suitable for 72-hour continuous operation, available in combination with VSD and O2/CO sensor.

The TBG SLX range is available in 5 different models from 165 KW to 5500 KW, all CE-approved according to European Standard EN676 (Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC) and compliant with subsequent Directives (GAR 2016/426/EC, E.M.C. 2014/30/EU and L.V. 2014/35/EU).

Why choose the new TBG SLX series burners

Main advantages of the TBG SLX series burners:

  • Guaranteed NOx emissions < 50 mg/kWh
  • Lower installation costs compared to FGR (Flue Gas Recirculation)
  • Lower maintenance costs compared to the FGR solution
  • Increased combustion efficiency
  • Lower electricity consumption and fuel savings

The burner configuration can be studied and customised together with the Baltur Application Engineering Department.



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