New dual-block FGR burners

New dual-block FGR burners 1

Dual-block burners from TBR series are specifically designed for applications on large thermal unit and in particular to be installed on water-tube heat generators.
The register technology allows to adjust the flame shape according to the type of combustion chamber so that the TBR series burners are expressly indicated for a number of industrial applications, such as:

  • Incinerators
  • Gravel or asphalt dryers
  • “D-Shape” water-tube heat generators
  • Vertical water-tube heat generators
  • Multi-burner heat generators
  • Furnaces
  • Petrolchemical plants
  • Revamping


  • New head design “spear concept”
  • FGR system
  • Automatic register control
  • Head ejection system
  • New burner control system
  • High modulation ratio 1:10


  • NOx < 50 mg/kWh
  • Large regulation flexibility
  • Adaptative flame shape
  • Easy maintanace
  • Improved & simplified usability

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