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Now it is up to Greta Fiocchi, Baltur Back Office

Now it is up to Greta Fiocchi, Baltur Back Office 1

"I joined Baltur in 2021, right when the company introduced the Credit Transfer services linked to tax bonuses. At first, I was in charge of setting up the structure, which then expanded over time, and of coordinating the processes for managing practices as effectively and efficiently as possible, optimising customer relations.
Thanks to the good interpersonal skills developed during the months spent in close contact with customers, I accepted the growth proposal offered to me by the company and the subsequent transfer to the Back Office department.
Since January 2022, in the Italy Sales team, I have been in charge of managing orders on the national market, from their placement to their execution, always in close synergy with the sales network made up of Agents and partner Clients.
This role allows me to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty on a daily basis».

What do you appreciate the most about your job?

"We have an organised company structure, where well-defined roles and the application of streamlined and proven procedures enable us to offer an increasingly timely service to customers”.

"Being the youngest in the office today, alongside more experienced colleagues, I have the opportunity to learn and grow on a daily basis, but at the same time I can bring added value by sometimes suggesting smarter procedures aimed at improving work and making time efficient.
This close interaction in an “open space” environment favours the continuous exchange of information and knowledge, which allows the whole team to grow and improve".

So at Baltur, there is an opportunity to grow and make an impact on day-to-day work, isn’t it?

"Yes, exactly. I started my path from a training apprenticeship.
I then succeeded in bringing value and having my potential appreciated, thus evolving my role within the company.
One of the things I appreciate the most at Baltur is definitely the relationship with colleagues.
The company is well structured, united and sound in relational exchanges.
The relationships between colleagues are direct and allow for interaction across all levels, thus facilitating different company dynamics and timing".

"I am happy to work at Baltur because there is a real possibility to have an impact on daily work and to grow.
The company is promising on the market and ahead of its time, increasingly committed to customer loyalty with non-standard and customised production.

Such qualities allow us to carve out a growing role for ourselves today in an increasingly competitive market, aimed at continually understanding the needs and demands of the customer".

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